XRebel Local for Eclipse

XRebel Local for Eclipse requires Eclipse 3.6 or newer.


Eclipse Marketplace

To install XRebel Local for Eclipse, open Help > Eclipse Marketplace.... Opening it for the first time may ask you to pick a solution catalog. Select Eclipse Marketplace when prompted.

Search for XRebel Local. Click Install once found.

Update site

Open Help > Install New Software... and enter the URL for our update site: http://update.zeroturnaround.com/xrebel/update-site/.

To speed up the process, deselect Contact all update sites... (provided you already have all prerequisites).

ZIP archive

The plugin can also be downloaded as ZIP archive from http://update.zeroturnaround.com/xrebel/update-site/update-site.zip.

Once downloaded, open Help > Install New Software... and press Add....

Select Archive... to point to the ZIP archive of the update site. Press OK to proceed.

Configuring XRebel Local for Eclipse

XRebel Local for Eclipse automatically enables the XRebel Local Agent for all supported application servers that are configured to be launched from the IDE.

You can review the configuration:

  1. Open Window > Show View > Servers.
  2. Locate your desired Run Configuration.
  3. Open XRebel Local Integration tab.