Beginning with License Server version 3.2.3, a selection of REST API queries has been deprecated. Some of these queries referred to internal model objects that caused confusion.

These deprecated queries include:

  • /api/groups/*
  • /api/rebels/*
  • /api/tokens/status
  • /api/leases/*
  • /api/statistics/*

REST API enables to get raw data for off-site analysis and storage. It is reachable via /api.

REST API authentication

Grab the API key from your profile page: License Server > Configuration > My Profile > API Key.


You need to append your API Key as a GET parameter to the URL of each REST API request:

GET /api/status/seats?token=<my authentication token>

Status queries

Query seat usage information

A query that will provide you with information about how many seats are available in the system and how many are in use, per license type and product.


GET /api/status/seats